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Hi, and welcome to the very first JST Course


The idea behind this course is to let you take the very first steps towards Japan, its culture and traditions, especially if you’ve never been there… Maybe you feel the charm of this country, or maybe you are surrounded by friends who keep repeating how amazing this place is and you don’t quite understand their enthusiasm.

Maybe you booked the flight, or maybe you are still considering if Japan is worth the hype.

If any of these statements are true, well, this short course is for you!

So, what will you find here?

You will find some of the basics to begin loving Japan! We will begin with geography and politcs, a brief historical recap of the main important eras, and of the main religious groups and philosophies.

Most important, you will find some practical tips about organizing your very first travel to Japan, taking into consideration the season, the money and the itinerary that better fit your taste!

What are you waiting for?

Japan is waiting for you, enroll now!