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My focus: Spiritual and Folklore Travels around Japan

Japan Soul Travel is a niche travel blog, dedicated to Japan curiouses and enthusiasts who wish to discover different aspects of this amazing culture. In my offer, I will always keep an eye on a more “anthropological” attitude to travel, encouraging a deeper understanding of an often misunderstood reality.

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    I’m prepared, passionate and completely in love with my work. I spent the last eight years improving my expertise about cultural anthropology, Japanese culture and religions, and one of the most intriguing languages I ever approached!

    I am an expert of Japanese culture

    I finally obtained my PhD in Far East studies, after a two-year fieldwork researching Japanese shamanism in the North Tohoku. It has been one of the best experiences of my all life, and it allowed me to obtain a deeper comprehension of Japan and its people. Beside Tokyo, I have been traveling all around the country (almost!) so I am pretty confident when I say I could lead you through Japan without any problems! I am Italian, I speak English, French, I’ve been studying Japanese for the past nine years with several courses in Japanese schools.


    I love taylor-made experiences

    I will suggest you specific ways to fall in love with this amazing country, with care for the local communities and traditions. While you can request the classic touristic visit, I will offer you a different take, and I will try to turn your vacation into a discovery.

    Organize and plan your travel to Japan

    Once you have booked the flight, I can help you decide the best itinerary for you passions, your interests, and your dream experience in Japan.
    We can work together via email or via Skype, and I can help you find hotels, organize the steps and the different visit for your trip; I can give you specific suggestions based on the season you are traveling, what to bring with you, what places to avoid, or what you definitely can not miss.

    I can follow you in your travel

    Once you have booked the flight, I can guide you personally through the wanders of Japan. Be it for your entire trip or for only a few specific steps, I can offer you direct assistance and help you understand a different Japan, its spirituality and its cultural treasures.

    My aim is to help you experience a Japan like you never imagined, to enrich your adventure and to return home with a new treasure.


    Together we can plan your perfect experience in Japan

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